3 Ways To Increase Early Ticket Sales

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3 Ways To Increase Early Ticket Sales

31 October 2016
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If you are organizing an event, one of your main ticketing focuses should be early sales. Early sales allow you to budget your event correctly and plan your event around a more realistic number of attendees. They also give you funds to help secure various aspects of your events with deposits. However, depending on the type of event you are hosting, it can be difficult to encourage early sales. For example, you would have no trouble selling tickets early if you have a big name headlining for your event, but if your event has a newer band who is not well-known playing, it may be harder to sell advance tickets. Below are some ways to increase early sales. 

Offer Online Ticketing 

Online ticketing makes ticket sales more convenient for both you and the attendees. If an attendee has to walk to a local shop to purchase an advance ticket or has to buy them directly from you, they will likely delay their purchase longer. However, if they can simply view the event page online and then make an immediate purchase, they may be more willing to make the purchase immediately so they will not forget. You can also promote your event on and offer tickets though other purchasing sites, such as Academy Tickets.

Create Different Types of Tickets 

Creating different types of tickets creates greater demand for each type of ticket. For example, if you only have limited seating and the rest of the tickets are standing, people may be more likely to buy the seated tickets earlier. But what if your venue does not lend itself to different types of tickets? You can still create different types of tickets by offering an early bird discount until a certain date and then slowly increasing the price of the tickets each week after that date. 

Let Potential Purchasers Know that Tickets May Sell Out 

Individuals are more likely to purchase a ticket in advance if they are afraid there will not be tickets available at the door. If your event might sell out, use this to encourage early ticket sales. If your event is in a large venue and will not sell out, or if you do not want to discourage people who may show up on the day of the event, you can still use this tactic by letting people know that certain types of tickets will most likely sell out. If your ticket sales are doing well, you can also share the number of tickets that are still available. 

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