Tips Of Getting The Right Size Generator For Your Event

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Tips Of Getting The Right Size Generator For Your Event

16 July 2020
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If you do not have a lot of experience renting generators, it can be difficult to determine the exact size of generator you need for an outdoor event. Many people tend to overestimate the amount of power they need to ensure they have enough power during their event. However, if you overestimate too much, you can waste money renting a more expensive generator while potentially causing lasting damage to the generator from running it at a low capacity for a long period of time. On the other hand, renting a generator that is too small can leave you without the power you need. Below are a few tips for getting the right size of generator. 

Know What You Will Power

You should start with a list of the items the generator will power along with their power consumption. If you are running a large event with several coordinators, make sure you talk with everyone about their power needs. 

Create a Power Schedule 

You may not be running everything at once. For example, during the day you may run a mister system to cool your guests off, while at night, you may need lights. It is important to know which items will be running at the same time to calculate your maximum load. It's also important that your rental company understands how long you will be running your generator during your rental period. This can affect which fuel reservoirs they suggest as well as what your refueling schedule will be for longer events. 

Consider Multiple Generators 

If your event is large or you have a large sound system that will only be running part of the time, you may want to consider two smaller generators rather than a single larger one so you can get your power to your various appliances and you can control your usage appropriately. 

Consult With Your Rental Company 

In most cases, the company you are renting from will have more experience with generators than you. Take advantage of their experience by asking for their advice according to your needs. Don't be afraid to ask questions and consider different solutions. Most generator rental companies are happy to help because getting you the right generator means fewer complications for them. 

Getting the right size of generator for your event may seem complex at first, but with a clear vision of what you need to power, it is a simple task. 

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