Light Up The Night: Event Lights You Can Find For Your Nighttime Wedding

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Light Up The Night: Event Lights You Can Find For Your Nighttime Wedding

27 April 2016
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Years ago, it was customary for most weddings to be held in daylight hours, but when it comes to modern-day nuptials, pretty much anything goes--even when it comes to the scheduled start time of the event. Having a wedding at night just adds an extra layer of charm and romance to an already lovely venue, but it will leave you with one big challenge: lighting. Thankfully, there are many event rental companies that are fully equipped to provide you with the lighting you need. Here are a few event light rentals you may want to consider to light up the night at your outdoor, after-hours wedding. 

1. Netted String Lights - If you want to light up the inside of the reception canopy to match the look of the stars overhead, twinkling, netted string lights are always a good option. These lights are draped across the ceiling for a starry-night look and provide just a subtle glow to enhance the romantic atmosphere. 

2. Portable Chandeliers - Create a focal point at the location where you and your partner will say your nuptials with an elegant chandelier dangling just behind you. A lot of wedding designers use a chandelier instead of an arch as a focal point, but chandeliers can also be implemented at the reception. 

3. Dance Floor Lighting - Make sure the guests at your reception have a ballroom-worthy good time with dance floor lighting. You can rent everything from strobe lights to disco balls at an event rental company, so creating an ideal party dance floor at your wedding is an easy feat. 

4. Spotlights - Spotlights are always going to be put to use at a wedding that happens after dark because it helps to illuminate the stars of the show: the bride and groom. Spotlights can be used at the ceremony location to follow the bride as she makes her way down the aisle or at the reception to light up the new happy couple's first dance as husband and wife. 

5. Flood Lights - If you would like to light up a large area outdoors after dark, flood lights are a lighting option to consider at the event rental store. You may want to use floodlights to light up parking areas at an outdoor venue or to create a bright area where the ceremony is to take place so guests know where to go to be seated. 

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