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Enjoy A Celebratory Atmosphere While On The Way To And From The First Football Game Of The Season

2 September 2018
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Are you and your friends heading to the first football game of the season and anticipating the exciting strategies that your favorite team members use to secure a victory? Renting a party bus will provide everyone with a celebratory atmosphere and the opportunity to enjoy the game day without being burdened with the unappealing task of driving to and from the sporting venue. Chip In For A Party Bus Ask your friends if they want to make the first game even more intriguing by riding in a party bus prior to and after the sporting event. Read More …

Looking For The Perfect Place To Host A Birthday Party? Here Are Some Ideas

9 July 2018
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It can be stressful trying to plan a birthday party, whether it be for a child or for your spouse. If you are planning for a small event, you might opt for your home, or perhaps your condo has a party room. But if you need a larger space and wish to have a few extra fun details thrown in, this is where it might get a bit complicated. While you could opt for a conference room in a hotel, here are some other ideas you also might want to consider. Read More …

Catering Ideas For A Beach-Inspired Wedding Reception

23 May 2018
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Whether you're holding your wedding on a beach or are just planning an island-inspired reception near home, you can give the event an authentic feel with a themed menu. If you're not sure what foods to serve or are hosting a large celebration and don't want to spend hours in the kitchen prior to it, consider hiring a professional wedding catering service. No matter what type of venue you're hosting the wedding reception in, from an outdoor beachfront location to a country club, the right menu will add to the overall theme and feel of the soiree. Read More …

Six Added Attractions Kids Can Enjoy At A Pumpkin Patch Event For More Fun And Festivities

16 April 2018
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Pumpkin patch events are extremely popular during the fall months. Attendees come to get out and enjoy the pleasant fall weather while also connecting with their community. If you're arranging a Halloween pumpkin patch event for your company or organization, you need to add as many fun attractions as possible to keep attendees coming back year after year. The following are six special attractions kids can enjoy at a pumpkin patch that you can consider adding on to your fall event: Read More …

Invite Your Employees To Partake In A Team Building Exercise

18 February 2018
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Teamwork and a positive attitude can help your employees tackle daily tasks and successfully complete work duties. If your workers have been disagreeing with one another or are lacking ambition on a routine basis, inviting your employees to partake in a team building exercise can be helpful. Plan to visit an escape room with your workers and use the tips below to help make the outing a success. Reserve One Or More Rooms And Prep Your Staff Read More …

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