Six Added Attractions Kids Can Enjoy At A Pumpkin Patch Event For More Fun And Festivities

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Six Added Attractions Kids Can Enjoy At A Pumpkin Patch Event For More Fun And Festivities

16 April 2018
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Pumpkin patch events are extremely popular during the fall months. Attendees come to get out and enjoy the pleasant fall weather while also connecting with their community.

If you're arranging a Halloween pumpkin patch event for your company or organization, you need to add as many fun attractions as possible to keep attendees coming back year after year. The following are six special attractions kids can enjoy at a pumpkin patch that you can consider adding on to your fall event:

Organizing competitions for picking and decorating pumpkins

Competition motivates kids who are attending to participate. You can set up a competition for the best pumpkin and the best pumpkin decoration or carving. You can also add on other competitions like corn maze races and best costume. 

Set out supplies for decorating pumpkins and encourage kids to compete. This will in turn encourage attendees to make purchases and to participate in the event attractions. 

Accommodating pets

A pumpkin patch event is an outdoor event. Kids and families will be more eager to attend if they can bring their pets along. Pets can add to the fun and attractions that an outdoor pumpkin patch event offers.

Featuring a variety of fall foods

One of the best parts of the fall season is enjoying beloved harvest recipes like pumpkin pie and spiced hot cider. You need to put together a hearty menu of fall dishes to showcase at your pumpkin patch event to keep everyone well fed.

Offering some athletic activities

Athletic activities will keep kids attending your pumpkin patch event busy and help them to burn off all of their energy. Depending on how old your attendees are and how much room you have, you can arrange for sack races, baseball games, soccer games, or footraces. 

Organizing a photo area for event pictures

Kids will be proud of the pumpkins they've picked out and the decorating they've done. They'll probably be excited to pose for pictures to show off their accomplishments. A photo area is a great way to increase attendee satisfaction while also having another service you can offer that can help you to raise funds at your special event. 

Having more crops growing than just pumpkins

Kids like to be able to check out and pick out a variety of different crops that are growing. While pumpkins take center stage at any Halloween special event, other crops like gourds and corn stalks can add to the fall decor while also increasing sales.

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