Planning Your Next Event: 4 Tips To Help You Set Up The Perfect Cigar Bar

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Planning Your Next Event: 4 Tips To Help You Set Up The Perfect Cigar Bar

23 August 2023
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If you want to take your event to the next level, add a cigar bar to the plans. A cigar bar can elevate your event. It can also give your guests a place to relax and unwind. If you've never hosted a cigar bar before, you might not know how to set it up. Here are four ways to prepare the perfect cigar bar for your event. 

Choose the Right Location

When it comes to setting up a cigar bar, you want to choose the right location. You might not know it, but the right location for your bar is important. If you can, set your cigar bar up in a secluded area that's away from the main event. There are a couple of reasons for that. First, a remote location keeps odors out of the main guest area. Second, a remote location lets your guests get away from the crowds. Plus, if you have children at the event, you can add liquor service to the area. That way, adults can have an alcoholic beverage with their cigars. 

Include a Variety of Cigars

If you're going to include a cigar bar with your next event, go beyond one type of cigar. You want to include a variety of cigars for your guests. That includes flavors, brands, and sizes. Offering a variety of cigars will let you accommodate more of your guests. For instance, guests who aren't familiar with cigars will enjoy a mild blend. Guests with a more refined cigar palate will enjoy more flavorful cigar blends. 

Rent a Reliable Humidor

When it comes to setting up a cigar bar, you want to maintain a good moisture level. Cigars do best when they're kept moist. One way to ensure good moisture levels is to wait until the last minute to order your cigars. Another way is to rent a humidor for your cigar bar. A portable humidor will allow you to keep your cigars fresh throughout the event. Be sure to avoid placing your cigars in a standard refrigerator. Refrigerating your cigars can undermine their flavor and freshness. 

Hire a Tobacconist

If you want to include a cigar bar at your next event, don't forget to hire a tobacconist. A tobacconist can help your guests choose the right cigars. They can also explain the different types of cigars that are available. 

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