Invite Your Employees To Partake In A Team Building Exercise

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Invite Your Employees To Partake In A Team Building Exercise

18 February 2018
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Teamwork and a positive attitude can help your employees tackle daily tasks and successfully complete work duties. If your workers have been disagreeing with one another or are lacking ambition on a routine basis, inviting your employees to partake in a team building exercise can be helpful. Plan to visit an escape room with your workers and use the tips below to help make the outing a success.

Reserve One Or More Rooms And Prep Your Staff

An escape room is a room that has been designed to test participants thinking skills. A room can be reserved for a specific amount of time. After participants enter a room, a door is locked and people inside of a room need to solve clues so that they can exit within the amount of time allotted.

Reserve one or more escape rooms at an entertainment complex or activity center. If you have a lot of employees, two rooms will provide everyone with ample room. Perhaps, you would like to challenge your workers to a competition. If this is the case, divide your workers into two teams and assign each team to one of the team building escape rooms. Before heading to the escape room venue, hold an informal meeting with your staff so that you can prepare them for the impending activity. 

Encourage Employees To Brainstorm And Commend Efforts Made

Prior to entering the escape rooms, encourage your employees to brainstorm while inside of the rooms and suggest that each person attempt to solve the clues. Each group of workers should allow one another to take turns solving clues and stating what strategies they would like to use. Commend your workers for efforts made and try to keep everyone interested in the activity by offering suggestions if workers are having trouble with one or more of the clues. 

Celebrate The Victory

If your employees are successful and are able to solve all of the clues that they have been given, tell your group of workers that you would like to take them out to celebrate the victory. Offer to take your employees to a restaurant or lounge so that everyone can relax.

After your employees are seated, congratulate everyone for participating in the team building activity. Allow your workers to comment on the activity if they would like to. If your workers had an enjoyable time during the escape room activity, make plans to participate in a similar activity in the near future. 

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