Looking For The Perfect Place To Host A Birthday Party? Here Are Some Ideas

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Looking For The Perfect Place To Host A Birthday Party? Here Are Some Ideas

9 July 2018
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It can be stressful trying to plan a birthday party, whether it be for a child or for your spouse. If you are planning for a small event, you might opt for your home, or perhaps your condo has a party room. But if you need a larger space and wish to have a few extra fun details thrown in, this is where it might get a bit complicated.

While you could opt for a conference room in a hotel, here are some other ideas you also might want to consider.

Outside Public Pool

In many cities and towns, it's possible to rent a local outdoor pool space for your party for a few hours. The price typically includes the use of the pool's patio, lifeguards, and a couple of hours of pool time for a certain amount of guests. Some larger pools offer party planning services and BBQ use too. It may be possible if you wish to hold your party at a hotel that they may rent out the use of their pool too for a few hours until it's time to move your party into the private party room.

Amusement Park

If you have a family or friends who love going on roller coasters or spinning around on carousels, then you might want to look into renting a party room or space at a popular amusement park. There are many that have picnic areas or private party rooms that are available to rent for special events like birthdays. It's possible your price for the rental of the space could also include discount tickets to the park and its rides as well.

Private Event Venue

If you want a more traditional place to hold your birthday party or the party is one for kids or older adults, you might want to rent a private party event venue. There are many different kinds from large conference type rooms that will cater, offer tables, and chairs, as well as have access to BBQs, an outdoor setting and even a terrace located at a hotel. They may even let you book DJs and waitstaff through them 

Art Gallery or Museum

In many cities, some art galleries and museums offer rental space for birthday parties or other special events. The price of the party can include admission to the art gallery or museum's exhibits, a space set up for your lunch or dinner (you may have to supply your own food but check with the coordinator to find out), and in some cases, you might get the chance to create your own masterpieces including printmaking, painting, sculptures, or clay work.

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