Catering Ideas For A Beach-Inspired Wedding Reception

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Catering Ideas For A Beach-Inspired Wedding Reception

23 May 2018
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Whether you're holding your wedding on a beach or are just planning an island-inspired reception near home, you can give the event an authentic feel with a themed menu. If you're not sure what foods to serve or are hosting a large celebration and don't want to spend hours in the kitchen prior to it, consider hiring a professional wedding catering service.

No matter what type of venue you're hosting the wedding reception in, from an outdoor beachfront location to a country club, the right menu will add to the overall theme and feel of the soiree. You don't have to spend a lot of money to treat your guests to island flavors, as long as the ingredients are fresh and locally sourced if possible. 

If you're on a limited budget, you can hire the catering service to prepare just the main courses while you make your own appetizers and desserts, or keep the event casual by treating guests to easy-to-eat finger foods. For outdoor beach receptions, the caterers can prepare the food on grills and serve the dishes buffet-style to create a relaxed vibe. 

Here are some catering ideas for a beach-inspired wedding reception:


1. Skewers 

Whether the reception is indoors or out, you can't go wrong with a selection of grilled skewers filled with fruit and seafood. Some tasty, island-themed combinations include shrimp and pineapple, scallops and mango, and chicken and kiwi, all brushed with a Caribbean-spiced glaze. 

As a fun, interactive idea, provide a variety of fresh ingredients and have guests create their own customized skewers. The caterers can prepare their creations on grills while they mix and mingle with friends and family members.

If you prepare to serve the skewers as a main course, place them on top of yellow rice or alongside green salads.

2. Conch Fritters

For an authentic island flavor, serve deep-fried conch fritters with a creamy, spicy dipping sauce. Fritters are typically made with chopped conch meat, peppers, and Caribbean spices. 

Main Dishes

1. Coconut Shrimp

Treat guests to crunchy, golden-friend coconut shrimp served with a traditional orange marmalade sauce. For guests with seafood allergies, you can serve coconut-battered chicken strips as well. 

Side dish ideas include rice pilaf, salads featuring mango or pineapple, and sweet potato fries.

2. Seafood Pasta 

Another popular beach-themed entree is seafood pasta, which can include ingredients such as shrimp, scallops and a mix of fresh vegetables in a cream-based sauce.  A variety of island spices and herbs, such as cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper, and cilantro, finish the dish and give it a mouthwatering flavor. 

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