Rent A Mechanical Bull To Make Any Surprise Party Even More Enjoyable

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Rent A Mechanical Bull To Make Any Surprise Party Even More Enjoyable

10 May 2016
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Throwing a surprise party for someone can sometimes be difficult to do. If you want to throw a fun and exciting party for a friend or family member, consider renting a mechanical bull for the event. When renting a mechanical bull, there are things that you need to know though. The guide below walks you through what you need to take into consideration before renting.

Determine How Much Space the Mechanical Bull Needs

When you call to rent the mechanical bull, you need to ask the company how much room they need for the bull to be able to operate properly. The bull will spin and buck so you want to be sure it is not located near a wall or staircase. Also, the company will need to have space to put down padding around the bull so no one is hurt when they fall off of it.

Determine What You Want to Use to Create a Barrier

You will need to create a barrier around the edges of the mat to ensure no one walks onto the mat while someone is riding the bull. If you plan to have the bull indoors, consider using couches or chairs around the mat to create a barrier. If you plan to operate the bull outdoors, you could stick wooden stakes into the ground and then lace the stakes through pallets that are stood on their side to create a barrier.

Consider the Electrical Supply

When you rent a mechanical bull, there needs to be a power supply in order for the bull to operate. Be sure to ask the rental company if they have a generator they can use to power the bull, if you plan to use the bull outdoors. If they do not, you may need to supply one for the company to use.

Consider the Time Frame for the Rental

Finally, you need to consider how long you want to rent the bull for. You need to be sure the company has plenty of time to set up the bull and the padding before your guests start to arrive. The associate at the rental company should be able to let you know how long they need to set up the bull and the mats.

Everyone will be able to have a great time on the bull and show off their riding skills. Be sure to have props, such as stylish hats for people to wear to make the pictures and videos from the party even more humorous. For more party rental options and information, contact companies like Ken Rent

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