Special Event Floral Arrangements

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Special Event Floral Arrangements

12 May 2016
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Flowers and plants are very effective when used as room decorations for special events such as wedding receptions, banquets, and corporate events. Floral arrangements can be delicate or bold and add color and texture as design elements in a banquet hall or special event tent. When placed strategically, floral arrangements can direct guests where you wish them to walk or look. Here are some unique floral arrangements that can make your special event a memorable occasion:    

  • Hanging Floral Arrangements - For a unique approach to special event floral arrangements, hang your arrangements from the ceiling and have them cascade down onto guest dining tables. Blossoms and greens can be strung onto long clear wires to form columns of vegetation or a delicate rain of flowers. Floral globes or individual blossoms can hang from a grid on the ceiling to create a shower of flowers above the guests' heads.  When these arrangements are well lit, they can transform a banquet hall into an outdoor garden with their colors, textures, and designs. These arrangements are especially effective in large halls with tall ceilings, and can also work well outdoors when hung from trees. 
  • Floral Garlands - Flowers and greenery can also be hung on walls and curtains to create lush garlands that softly drape and create walls of vegetation. These garlands can be made of seasonal fresh flowers or even silk blossoms. They are very effective on canopies where a guest speaker may deliver his message or a bride and groom may stand to take their wedding vows. 
  • Floral Backdrops - Another dramatic way to display flowers and greenery is to create an entire free-standing wall that is covered in moss and lichen and then encrusted with floral blooms of different colors and shapes. This wall of flowers works well when using different colors of flowers that gradate from one color to another color such as from white to yellow to pink to purple. This flower wall also works well for guests to stand in front of to have their pictures taken.    
  • Floral Paths - To create an aisle or path that is separate from the rest of the banquet hall, a path of potted plants can sit on the floor in long rows of planters. This will keep the interior path free from walking guests until the planters are moved to other areas. 
  • Floral Arrangement Vases - Blossoms of a single type of flower can be displayed in oversized clear glass columnar vases filled with water and interspersed with clear glass balls or marbles. These floral arrangements are most effective when lit by spotlights from underneath. These floral arrangement columns are eye-catching because of the light that travels the full length of the glass vase and is magnified by the water and glass balls. 

By incorporating a few of the above ideas you can create a unique look and atmosphere for your special event that is completely accomplished by flowers. These floral arrangements are most effective when coupled with theatrical lighting. For more information, visit http://aladdinsflorist.com or a similar website.

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