Embracing Winter During Your Wedding

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Embracing Winter During Your Wedding

19 January 2017
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There is something beautiful and magical about a winter wonderland wedding. The snow blanketing the landscape in all directions can make the low temperatures worthwhile. But even with the simplicity of winter, there are some challenges that come along that you will need to overcome to make sure that your winter wedding is perfect.

Use Color

Even if you love winter and your goal is to have a winter-themed wedding, this does not mean that you have to stick with winter colors. Throwing in a splash of color here and there is the best way to make your wedding not look like similar weddings that your guests may be attending. Throwing in some tropical colors might be surprising, but the uniqueness of this decision can make your wedding experience seem much more unique.

Dress Your Guests

Shop for beautiful accessories that will keep your guests warm, such as a fur shrug for your bridesmaids. Not only will this keep them warm, but it will fit the theme of the wedding much better. Keep in mind that your guests will be much warmer when they are indoors, especially when they start dancing, so the bridesmaids should be able to switch to something lighter once they are indoors. It is okay for your bridesmaids to wear heels indoors, but make accommodations so that they can put something more practical on when they are outside.

Embrace Winter

Ponder the things that you love the most about winter and try to incorporate this into the decor. For instance, if you love winter because of beautiful things such as snowflakes and icicles, are there ways that you can incorporate these elegantly into the interior design of your wedding venue?

Stay Warm

Having the event take place outdoors without heaters can be a recipe for disaster. Many guests will not appreciate spending too much time out in the cold even if they are well-dressed. Solve this problem by placing plenty of heaters outside. Make sure the heaters are intended to be used outdoors. While using heaters may seem like an extra expense, you will be saving money on most vendors by having your wedding during the winter anyway. It is also a good idea to provide guests with blankets that are warm and large so guests who still do not feel warm enough can wrap themselves up. All of this requires a great deal of planning, but is worth it in the end.

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