Four Ways To Use The Top Floor Of A Double Deck Trade Show Display

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Four Ways To Use The Top Floor Of A Double Deck Trade Show Display

24 May 2017
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Trade show booths are designed for attention and very few displays match the eye-catching ability of a two-story booth. The added square footage is not only visually appealing but is a great way to incorporate some very useful features into the design. Here are four ways to make the most out of the second floor of any booth. 

Private Meeting Space

Discussing private details with interested attendees is difficult in a crowded, noisy arena. A second level provides privacy for confidential conversations or just performing a sales pitch without interruption. It is a great place to sit and take orders, review contracts or perform a presentation to select groups of interested individuals. 

Interactive Media Area

Technology always draws in passersby and an entire level of interactive audio/visual information will appeal even more. This type of display is perfect for tech companies revealing their latest designs but anyone can incorporate multimedia displays into their booth. Interactive programs are very entertaining and frequently encourage longer visits. 

Mock Specialty Shop

Creating a small replica of a retail location on the second level is a convenient way for retailers to display much more of their inventory than they would be able to in a single booth. Customers are much more receptive to purchasing products they are able to actually handle than they are when only seeing it in videos or photographs. It is also a great way for companies to brand their business by familiarizing shoppers with the unique look of their brick and mortar locations. 

Comfortable Customer Lounge 

The main goal at every trade show is to get people to stop and stay long enough to be swayed by the marketing campaign or the products on display. Offering a lounge area with complimentary beverages and snacks may draw more attention to the booth than cases of promotional gifts. Using a flat screen monitor to broadcast entertaining corporate videos and leaving brochures and other advertising materials for people to flip through while they rest is a passive sales method. It will allow the employees at the booth to remain free to continue answering questions from other potential clients. 

A two story trade show booth may look and feel like an elaborate purchase, but it is actually a very thrifty option. It allows businesses to rent a small space without sacrificing their ability to spread out. The second level is also easy for everyone to find because it raises advertising banners above the majority of the other booths in the arena. 

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