Beach Vacation: Rental Property Vs Hotel

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Beach Vacation: Rental Property Vs Hotel

2 August 2017
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Beach vacations make for some of the best memories your family will ever have! Days of fun in the sand and the sun bring activities for every member of your family to enjoy. And they're easy! There's no sitting around trying to decide what to do or where to go. Little planning has to go into beach vacations. Bring a towel and a shovel and everyone is happy! The only real decision you have to make is whether you are going to rent a beach condo or house, or stay in a hotel. Both options have their benefits. Here are a few.

Pros of Rental

  1. Privacy: Having a "home" while you're on vacation makes everyone a little more comfortable. When you stay in your private area vs a busy hotel you feel like you have your own space. There's more privacy away from the hustle and bustle of people coming and going all day.
  2. Kitchen: While some hotels provide in-room kitchens, most of them aren't nearly as big or all-encompassing as the kitchens found in rental properties. Being able to cook your own food and not having to eat out every day will save a ton of money when it comes to budgeting for your beach vacation. One trip to the grocery store and you're set for the week.
  3. Size: It is very rare to find a hotel room that is as spacious as a rental. Even if you have a large group, there are plenty of rental options that are big enough to accommodate even the biggest group of people, giving you space to spread out.

Pros of Hotel

1.Laziness: If you're being completely honest with yourself, there's nothing better than going on vacation and just being lazy. In a hotel you can do that. Every morning there's somewhere there to pick up your dirty towels, make your beds and even bring you food if you desire. In a rental you don't have that option.

2. Staff: When it comes to hotels, there will always be staff on the property if something goes wrong. When you're in a rental, you're on your own. While there may be emergency numbers you can call, generally it's just like renting a home. But in a hotel, the response is immediate.

3.Flexibility: Most rental properties have 1 or 2 week options, but with hotels you can stay anywhere from 1 night to as long as you want. There's more flexibility, which is nice when you only have a few days for vacation.

When you're choosing a location for your next beach vacation, deciding whether to stay in a hotel or a rental property doesn't have to be a hard decision. Decide what is most important to you and go from there.

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