Rent A Hall Or Public Venue To Host A Girls Night Out

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Rent A Hall Or Public Venue To Host A Girls Night Out

30 October 2017
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If you will be getting married next month and are going to be orchestrating a girls night out to celebrate your last days of being single, consider renting a hall or public venue to host your event so that you and your peers can enjoy yourselves in a safe and private environment. The tips below will encourage you and your guests to let loose while enjoying the camaraderie:

Hire A Local Band Or Performer

A local band or performer will keep you and your guests entertained and will allow people to take their minds off their troubles while focusing on the celebration at hand. After renting a space to hold the event, interview local bands or performers and request that they each provide you with a sample of their musical abilities or talent so that you can hire the group or individual who you like the most.

If you choose to hire a band, request that they play some of your favorite songs or a specific style of music during the social gathering. You and your guests can sit at tables while listening or watching or you can create a small audience section by lining chairs up on one side of the room. 

Create A Tiki-Style Drinking Area

If the rental hall or public venue already has a built-in bar in it, a hired bartender can use it to serve mixed drinks and other types of alcoholic beverages. If you are going to be serving appetizers and food at the gathering and a bar is not already present in the room, create a makeshift tiki-style bar by placing a long table underneath a canopy.

Light up the tiki bar by adding drop lights near the structure or by adorning the bar's surface with holiday lights. Hire a bartender for a specific length of time or reserve them for the entire event and offer to cover each guest's tab so that people won't feel limited by the number of drinks that they consume. Create a dining area next to the bar so that everyone can conveniently collect more drinks while they are eating.

Provide Costumes And Rent A Photo Booth

If you already own an array of costumes that you have worn to past events, bring them along to the social gathering. Otherwise, purchase some basic costumes for you and your friends to wear. If you would like everyone to wear clothing from a specific time era or if you would like everyone to have the same style clothing on, purchase several costumes or clothing items that are similar.

Rent a photo booth and have it delivered to the establishment where the party will be taking place. After you and your friends have put on the costumes or clothing items that you have provided, take group pictures inside of the photo booth. Give each of your friends a picture to bring home with them so that they can remember the festive gathering that they attended. 

Contact an event bartending service for more information and assistance. 

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