5 Things To Review When Choosing A Birthday Party Venue For A Teenager

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5 Things To Review When Choosing A Birthday Party Venue For A Teenager

23 April 2020
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Teen birthday parties can feel like a controlled-chaos experiment, but at the same time, they're memorable and exciting. Whether your child is 13 or 18, when planning for their birthday celebration, the most important thing on your list is the venue selection. Choose the wrong venue and the party will be everything but enjoyable.

1. Age Appropriateness

One universal thing about teenagers is that they don't want to be treated like younger children. Make sure you don't choose a venue that can double as a play place for toddlers or smaller children. A teen birthday party venue should be more mature in its layout and void walls of primary colors or kiddie embellishments, so something like a banquet or event hall might be a good option.  

2. Control and Supervision

You want to keep everyone safe. Unfortunately, a teenager's idea of safe isn't always the same as a parent's idea. For this reason, the ideal event space is one that allows you to have a good view of the room no matter where you stand. Venues with large petitions and other obstructions that block your view aren't necessarily ideal for this reason. 

3. Cost 

A teenagers' party should be enjoyable, but it should also be conservative based on your specific budget. More importantly, the cost of the venue should not be so high that there is little money left over for other areas of the celebration. Look for venues that provide you with an upfront pricing structure that fits into your budget and is void hidden costs that pop up after the contract has been signed. 

4. Decorating Options

Look for a venue that offers flexibility when it comes to your ability to decorate. Some event spaces have strict policies that minimize decorations to centerpieces, table cloths, and balloons. There are then those venues that allow you to let your creative juices flow and transform the room. You want to let your teen's personality shine, so a venue that offers flexibility with decorating is best.

5. Location

Try to choose a location that is convenient for everyone. If the party is for a younger teen, you have parents that need to transport the children. If the party is for older teens, they have to drive themselves. You don't want parents driving across town, nor do you want inexperienced teen drivers traveling all over. Choosing a central location makes getting to the party easier and helps keep everyone safer. 

Make sure you keep these factors in mind as you select a venue for your teen's birthday celebration. 

For more information, reach out to a birthday party event center.

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