Make Your Company Holiday Party A Hit With These Tips

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Make Your Company Holiday Party A Hit With These Tips

7 September 2021
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Are you a company owner or decision-maker for a company? If so, you likely want a work environment that is comfortable for everyone who is employed by your organization. The diversity of most work environments means that some employees rarely if ever get to see others who work for the same company. This can create divisions within the organization. It is even possible for some individuals to work on the same floor in a building but work separately due to their respective assignments and job titles. Holiday parties are a trendy opportunity that some companies are using to build the gap and improve the dynamics of their workforce. The following represent a few pointers you can use to plan your first company holiday party.

Food and Beverages

If you do not choose a restaurant for the party location, you need to decide how guests will be served. Decide if guests will serve themselves or if you will have servers. Selecting a menu is should also be considered at this stage. Depending on the culture of your company, you will need to decide whether to serve alcoholic beverages or not. It is also important to decide if there will be a drink limit imposed. The final responsibility is to ensure that you have plans to get all employees home safe if alcohol is served. Some employees may volunteer to be designated drivers. If not, consider taxis or rideshare options.

Venue and Dress Code

Many company parties occur at the primary company location. However, some companies rent venues, and others choose restaurants that cater to groups. A dress code might be encouraged, depending on the type of party. 

Soft Greetings

Company parties should encourage employees to mingle and get to know each other. However, this should not be forced. A simple approach is to have name tags available that identify the names of each employee. You might also want their job title included. Furnishing blank name tags for employees to fill out is also effective.

Photobooth and Photographer

Company parties are supposed to be pleasant memories. Even if you do not hire a photographer, make sure that someone in your organization takes photos of the event. A themed photo area can serve as a photobooth for employees to take photos. 

Hire an Event Planner

An event planner can be used as a resource for your company holiday party. They can consult with you to determine activities of interest and make suggestions. You can depend on them to help plan every detail of the party according to your specifications. 

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