5 Reasons To Rent Everything You Can For Your Wedding

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5 Reasons To Rent Everything You Can For Your Wedding

8 December 2021
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When it comes to planning the myriad of different elements in a wedding and reception, one key question any bride or groom will face is whether to rent or buy things. While many couples' first instinct is to buy things new for their wedding, renting many decorations is better on a number of fronts. How? Here are a few rental benefits to consider.

1. Renting Costs Less. Almost invariably, the cost of renting an item for a day, a weekend, or a week is much less than buying the same item. This is particularly true for upgraded items like specialty furnishings or fancy china place settings. When doing the math, don't forget to add in accessorial costs of purchasing — things like storage, insurance, shipping, and tax. 

2. Renting Saves Work. When you rent a wedding element, you're not just getting the actual item in return; you're also getting some labor included. The rental company will make sure it's ready for use, may help set up and disassemble it, and will clean and repackage it when you're done. When you're the owner, you do all this extra work. 

3. Renting Saves Space. In the buildup to the wedding day, you will accumulate more and more paraphernalia at home. The more you rent just when you need it, the less you have to haul around, store, and find room for afterward. Then you can save that space for what matters most, like that 15-foot veil you always wanted. 

4. Renting Is Limited. While you might use your wedding suit or jewelry again, when will you ever need 1000 votive candles, a large arch, or 50 candelabras? If the answer is probably never, renting one-off decorations and returning them makes more sense from a logistical standpoint even if the cost isn't that much different. 

5. Renting Offers Variety. Today's rental companies provide a wide array of party and wedding elements to rent. You can get anything from a popcorn machine or strobe lights to topiaries and oversize initials. Some of these items will not be things you can easily get on your own. And you may find the perfect inspiration for a wedding that is tailored to your personality and style. 

Want to know more about the benefits of rentals for your wedding day? Start by touring the inventory of a party supply and rental service in your area today. With their selection and your vision, you'll create the ideal day without all the hassle and expense of buying what you don't have to.

For more information on wedding decoration rentals, contact a company near you. 

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