Planning An Outdoor Wedding? 4 Tips On Renting Chairs

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Planning An Outdoor Wedding? 4 Tips On Renting Chairs

11 April 2022
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An outdoor wedding gives you fresh air, sunlight, and nature sounds to enjoy. An important part of planning this type of wedding is renting the equipment that you need. Follow a few tips on renting chairs to ensure you get ones that are a perfect fit for your special day.

Ceremony and Reception

A ceremony and reception in the same place allow you to use the same chairs for both events. This will give you reliable savings because you can rent a single set of chairs.

The main difference is that you will need to move the chairs to the reception area after the ceremony ends. So, you must leave a gap between the ceremony and reception to give people time to move the chairs and set them up throughout the reception area.


Prioritize features that work well for both the ceremony and reception. Many outdoor ceremonies take place in the sun, and some receptions happen under a tent. So, you want to avoid fabric seats because a dewy morning can make the chairs too wet to sit on. Pick leather or waterproof chair cushions instead that you can wipe down before the ceremony begins.

An angled backrest is worth getting because you want your guests to feel comfortable while sitting down throughout the ceremony and reception.


A difficult part of planning your wedding is finding chairs that work for all guests. Tall backrests are the way to go because they will accommodate everyone, including your tallest guests.

Chair height will not make much of an impact on the ceremony experience. However, you want your guests to eat and socialize comfortably while at their reception tables. Use your reception table height to figure out the height of chairs that you should rent for your wedding.


Chairs will take up a substantial amount of space at your ceremony and reception, which means they will show up in many wedding photos. To make sure these photos look attractive, you can pick chairs with a neutral design to allow your wedding decorations to beautify the spaces.

The chairs will likely need to be cleaned and wiped down when moving them from the ceremony to the reception. Luckily, you can choose a simple design to minimize setup time.

Renting chairs for your wedding is an important decision because they are what your guests will sit on for most of the day. With these tips, you can rent chairs that satisfy all your needs.

For more information about renting chairs, contact a local company that offers event rentals.

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