3 Tips For Choosing A Wedding Venue You Will Love

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3 Tips For Choosing A Wedding Venue You Will Love

6 December 2022
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A wedding venue is a vital aspect of any wedding, big or small. Finding the perfect spot for your loved ones to gather as they witness the beginning of your marriage is a dream for most couples. Here are three tips to help you navigate the venue search process.

1. Start Searching Early

No one wants to fall in love with a perfect venue only to discover that it is booked for the next couple of months. It is common for wedding venues and vendors to be fully booked for a year or more in advance. 

So, start the venue search early if you do not want to compromise your wedding schedule. Plan for site visits as early as possible and ensure you follow through. The availability of your dream venue can be a deciding factor for the date if you're more flexible with the wedding timeline.

Consider the weather as you are choosing the venue and work around it. However, even if you have planned for an outdoor party, have a backup plan in case the weather changes.

2. Discuss With Your Wedding Planner

As you wade through numerous wedding venue options, your wedding planner will probably be invaluable. Talk to them before making big decisions, as they are more familiar with the whole process. Planners are conversant with timelines, layouts, capabilities of space, and if the venue fits your vision. They will also keep in mind your non-negotiables as they help you select a venue.

Planners will also take into consideration all possible risks and present viable solutions. They may acquire permits or even negotiate the cost of tents for you. Other considerations at the top of their mind would be ample space to avoid congestion, ease of transportation, and overall guest experience at the venue.

Your planner can find creative and quirky ways to bring life to your dream venue.

3. Come Up With a Budget

You do not want to find the right venue only to realize later that it does not fit your budget. How do you avoid this situation? Draft a wedding budget before you start hunting for your dream venue. Consider the entire budget and allocate a portion to the wedding venue. Look at venue pricing as a whole and not only the space rental fee. Keep in mind that some venues provide and charge extra for additional services. These services include renting chairs, tables, lighting, a dance floor, or other necessary elements.

Note that sometimes Sunday or off-season weddings may come with lower price tags.

Contact a local wedding venue to learn more. 

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