Touring Wedding Venues? 5 Ways To Help Them Help You

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Touring Wedding Venues? 5 Ways To Help Them Help You

6 July 2023
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Choosing a wedding venue can be a challenge. And while much of your focus during tours should rightly be on how the venue meets your needs, a wise couple also helps their venue do the best job it can for them. How can you help a venue help you while touring potential locations for your nuptials? Here are a few easy ways. 

1. Do Some Research First

In today's connected world, it's easier than ever to learn about potential wedding venues before you start your tour. The more you can learn about the facility, size, amenities, location, pricing, and more, the less you have to learn after the fact. This way, you can mentally prepare in advance and spend your tour asking the right questions instead of playing catch-up. 

2. Make an Appointment

Don't pop into a wedding venue on a surprise tour. Venues are busy operations, and you are unlikely to get their full attention or the best tour if you haven't made an appointment. Ideally, your first appointment should be when things are quiet, and a follow-up appointment when there are other events going on so you can see the space in action. 

3. Have a Budget in Mind

Touring a venue you can't afford is more likely to frustrate than inspire. It's not a good use of your time or the venue's time. However, you also don't want to skip learning about some amenities because you don't think you can afford them. You don't need to know the exact venue price but do have a ballpark range so the staff can match you with the right features. 

4. Be Honest With Staff

How can a venue meet your needs if they don't know what you really want? While you don't want to be rude, confrontational, or demanding, you do need to be honest about what you like or don't like. If something doesn't feel right or won't fit your plans, tell the staff. They may be able to accommodate you in other ways. 

5. Ask Lots of Questions

Come armed with written questions after doing some of your own research. Venue tours can go fast, and many couples' focus is pulled in many different directions. So prepare important questions — ranging from practical inquiries such as where the outlets are to how the light will look at your proposed ceremony hour. 

Where to Start

Apply these few tips to help every wedding venue you tour to give you the best service they can. No matter what you choose, you'll then be able to make the best decisions for the best outcome on your big day. 

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