Renting Portable Toilets To Provide Restroom Facilities In Places That May Not Have Other Options

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Renting Portable Toilets To Provide Restroom Facilities In Places That May Not Have Other Options

1 June 2022
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There are many places where restrooms are not available to people, and providing an alternative when needed is essential. Often that means portable toilet rentals that provide the necessary service and can be used short or long term depending on your situation and requirements. 

Locations Without Plumbing

One of the most common places to find portable toilet rentals used is in places that do not have any way to provide plumbing for a standard restroom. Sometimes this is a construction site that is not connected to the sewer system yet or a field or work area on a farm that is a long distance from the main farm.

You can put these portable toilet rentals in place to give workers a place to go, and the rental company will service them, ensuring they are clean and have all the necessary items like toilet paper or soap. Setting up a service plan with the portable toilet rental company is essential. It should be included in the rental agreement, but be sure to ask about it if the provider does not explicitly lay out the service options when setting up the rental. 

Large Public Events

You may need to provide restrooms for an event you are organizing that is open to the public and takes place outside, covering a large area. Portable toilet rentals offer a simple solution for these situations, and you can rent multiple units and have them placed in various places. If the event is more than a couple of days, you may want to consider having the rental company clean and service the units once a day. 

When you are considering portable toilet rentals for this kind of situation, it is vital to include a few accessible toilets that can accommodate people in attendance with disabilities and restrictions. A wheelchair will not fit in a standard portable toilet. However, some units are designed with ramps for access and additional space inside to allow the room needed for wheelchairs and other medical assistance equipment like walkers and crutches.

Pick Up And Delivery

Portable toilet rentals typically include setting up and removing the units for you. If you have multiple units going in various places, you will need to coordinate with the rental company and provide some guidance to put them in the proper locations. 

After the rental, the provider will come back and pick up all the rental units for you. Setup should be scheduled early to be sure to have the portable toilets in place before you need them, and removal happens after an event or after you are done with the units.  

For more information, contact a company that provides portable toilet rentals

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