Ways To Use An LED Video Wall At A Sports Tournament

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Ways To Use An LED Video Wall At A Sports Tournament

24 January 2023
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People often rent LED video walls for indoor events such as weddings and corporate gatherings, but one thing that you might not know is that many of these walls are suitable for outdoor use. If you're planning a large sports tournament in your community, and are thinking of all the things that you'll rent for the event, you may wish to consider renting an LED video wall. These walls come in many different sizes, allowing you to choose a size that will suit wherever you want to display the wall. There are lots of ways to use the wall at your sports tournament, including these ideas.

Team Highlights

Sports teams often put together video highlight packages of their success on the field, frequently sharing these clips on their social media channels. You may wish to reach out to each of the teams that will be participating in the tournament and obtain some highlights from them. You can then play these highlights on your LED video wall at different times. For example, showing the highlights of two teams that are about to play one another can get the fans and players alike excited for the game.

Player/Coach Interviews

At a lot of sports tournaments, it's common for players and coaches to be interviewed before and after each game. Sharing these interviews with the crowd in attendance can be nice, and an easy way to do it is with an LED video wall. Depending on the layout of the facility, you should be able to position the wall so that your crowd can easily see it from the bleachers or any other area where they're gathered. Showing interviews in this manner can help to give your tournament a professional feel that everyone will appreciate.

Corporate Sponsors

Most local sports tournaments have a number of corporate sponsors that make financial contributions to support the event. It's always important to thank your sponsors. While you can do so with signage around the venue, a stylish alternative is to use your LED video wall. For example, between games, you can have the wall display the logos of each of your corporate sponsors with a message of thanks. If some of the sponsors have video clips that they use for advertising, you might even think of showing these clips at certain times during the tournament to help keep the sponsors happy. Contact an event rental company to learn about its LED video walls

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