Fun Touches To Add To A Golfing Event You Host For Your Business

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Fun Touches To Add To A Golfing Event You Host For Your Business

30 September 2016
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If you are a manager of a large business, and you wish to host a corporate event for your sales representatives, employees, and dedicated customers, a day of competitive golfing is an excellent way to thank those who make your business successful in a fun and festive way. There are several enhancements you can incorporate into a day of golfing to personalize the experience for those attending the event. Here are some touches that will pique interest and promote your business in a positive way.

Entice Potential Participants Attending With A List Of Events

It is a good idea to have an official schedule of events printed to mail and hand out to participants before the day of the golfing event arrives. This can serve as an invitation to the event and will be helpful in drawing the interest of those invited. Make sure to break down the event by time so those who decide to come will have an idea about when game play will be in session. 

Host A Contest To Give The Event A Fun Competition

A friendly competition will make your event fun for those attending. Consider giving out prizes to those who received the lowest golfing scores overall as well as whoever gets their ball closest to the ball collection cup on each hole. Teams can be constructed and prizes can be given out to the team with the best score as well. Hand out playing cards on specific holes to those playing and give a prize to the participant that has the best poker hand at the end of the golf match. 

Provide Music, Food, And Merchandise For Those Attending

Your golfing event should also have activities available for those who are not avid golf players so they have something to look forward to when their game has ended. Consider hiring a local disc jockey or enlist a radio station to broadcast live during your event. The music should not be played until the last golfer finishes their game. When the celebration begins, serve food and drinks to those who played. A tent can be set up on an area of the golf grounds where game play is not permitted or a golf course with a fancy hall for rent can be used for this purpose. Give out promotional items such as T-shirts, pens, or golf paraphernalia with the date and name of your event so those who attended will have a memory of the fun they had. 

For more tips and ideas, contact an event planning company in your area.

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