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Rent A Mechanical Bull To Make Any Surprise Party Even More Enjoyable

10 May 2016
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Throwing a surprise party for someone can sometimes be difficult to do. If you want to throw a fun and exciting party for a friend or family member, consider renting a mechanical bull for the event. When renting a mechanical bull, there are things that you need to know though. The guide below walks you through what you need to take into consideration before renting. Determine How Much Space the Mechanical Bull Needs Read More …

Wedding Venues: Don’t Let Hidden Costs Creep Up On You

10 May 2016
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When it comes to renting a wedding venue, you expect it to cost a significant amount of money. You expect there to be a variety of expenses tacked on to the initial rental cost as well. However, there are some that you will never even see coming your way. In fact, here are some of those hidden costs for two wedding venues: Wedding Venue #1: The Rustic Barn If you are going for a simple, rustic wedding, then a barn is the ideal location. Read More …

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting Your Ideal Wedding Hall

2 May 2016
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Choosing a wedding hall is arguably one of the most important decisions you'll face during the wedding-planning process. This is the place where you will not only tie the knot with your partner, but enjoy dinner and dance the night away with your loved ones. As you shop around for wedding halls, however, there are some common mistakes that you'll want to be careful to avoid. Underestimating Your Guest Count Read More …

Tying The Knot: Choosing The Best Banquet Hall For Your Reception

30 April 2016
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If you're planning a wedding, the reception is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the experience. The reception is a time when family and friends get to celebrate your new marriage, and you certainly want the experience to be a wonderful, memorable one. If you're considering renting a banquet hall to host your guests after the big ceremony, here are some important things to take into consideration. Seating And Layout Read More …

Make Your Company Picnic Comfortable And Convenient Using These Resources

28 April 2016
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Whether in your building's parking lot, at a park, or in a rented space within your community, hosting a company picnic is an excellent way to show your support for employees and give them an opportunity to build camaraderie with one another. To ensure that the event is comfortable and convenient for everyone involved, consider implementing the following helpful resources as you plan: Rent a Portable Cooling System Renting a portable cooling system is an effective way to ensure that temperatures at your event are comfortable for every guest no matter their preferences. Read More …

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