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Tying The Knot: Choosing The Best Banquet Hall For Your Reception

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If you’re planning a wedding, the reception is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the experience. The reception is a time when family and friends get to celebrate your new marriage, and you certainly want the experience to be a wonderful, memorable one. If you’re considering renting a banquet hall to host your guests after the big ceremony, here are some important things to take into consideration.

Seating And Layout

Of course, you want everyone to be seated comfortably with ample room. Take a look at the banquet hall’s layout so you can prepare for table and chair setup. If you plan to have a DJ and a dance floor, you’ll need the venue to have a large area where people can gather and groove to the music. Narrow long-shaped banquet halls may not provide your guests with enough room to easily maneuver through and socialize. Make sure the place you choose will have plenty of space for everyone to gather and eat as well as enough room to set up buffet tables and entertainment.


Just like in real estate, the location of your selected banquet hall is important. Try to find a banquet hall with a location that’s close to the actual wedding ceremony venue so people won’t have to venture too far. If you have guests coming from out of town, be sure they book a hotel as close to the reception location as possible so it’s more convenient. Choose a location that is easy to find, and provide directions to the reception hall in your wedding invitation so people won’t get lost. Ideally, the wedding and reception can be held in the same place, but this may not be viable if your chosen banquet hall doesn’t offer you the accommodations needed for the ceremony portion of the wedding.


Banquet halls can be found on golf courses, beachfront property, parks, and other scenic locations. A lovely view will definitely enhance your experience, so try to find a banquet hall that offers beautiful views as people mingle and celebrate. Buildings with large windows and a covered outdoor area will make the experience much nicer. Outdoor space gives guests the option to socialize outside and get fresh air. Finding a beautiful location doesn’t have to be too expensive; just look for places that are located in a nice area with little traffic and pleasant views. With proper planning and a little legwork, you can find a beautiful banquet hall that will give you lots of space in a terrific location that’s sure to bring you fond memories for years to come.

Make Your Company Picnic Comfortable And Convenient Using These Resources

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Whether in your building’s parking lot, at a park, or in a rented space within your community, hosting a company picnic is an excellent way to show your support for employees and give them an opportunity to build camaraderie with one another. To ensure that the event is comfortable and convenient for everyone involved, consider implementing the following helpful resources as you plan:

Rent a Portable Cooling System

Renting a portable cooling system is an effective way to ensure that temperatures at your event are comfortable for every guest no matter their preferences. If your event is being held outdoors, set up an enclosed tent and put the cooling system inside it. This will give people who prefer cooler temperatures somewhere to hang out during the event, while everyone else takes advantage of the outdoor weather. Your chilled tent will provide a safe place to spend time if rain or wind shows up during the event. You can also rent upright low pressure misting fans and place them around your designated picnic area if the weather is expected to be hot and sunny. Contact a company like Fan Guy to look at various options.

Incorporate a Dumpster Rental

To help keep your picnic area clean throughout the event, rent a dumpster and have it placed nearby so guests know exactly where to put their trash. This will eliminate the need for having to put several garbage cans out and having to change them as the event unfolds. It will also minimize the need for guests to search for a place to put their trash, and it will decrease the chance that garbage ends up on the ground when all is said and done. You can use the sides of the dumpster to hang posters for the event, which will make it look a little more appealing.

Invest in an Inflatable Slide

If children are invited to the company picnic, consider investing in an inflatable slide and featuring it near the picnic tables. Place a few orange cones around the slide and put signs near the cones that designate the play area for guests only. This will give little ones a safe place to play so their parents can mingle with co-workers without having to constantly worry about what their kids are doing. It’s a good idea to ask for volunteers who are willing to take turns supervising the slide area throughout the event to minimize the chance of accidents.

To help fund these resources, consider holding a raffle at the event. Sell tickets for a dollar each and present a prize that your company already owns, such as one or two of your products and goody bags filled with promotional items.

Light Up The Night: Event Lights You Can Find For Your Nighttime Wedding

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Years ago, it was customary for most weddings to be held in daylight hours, but when it comes to modern-day nuptials, pretty much anything goes–even when it comes to the scheduled start time of the event. Having a wedding at night just adds an extra layer of charm and romance to an already lovely venue, but it will leave you with one big challenge: lighting. Thankfully, there are many event rental companies that are fully equipped to provide you with the lighting you need. Here are a few event light rentals you may want to consider to light up the night at your outdoor, after-hours wedding. 

1. Netted String Lights – If you want to light up the inside of the reception canopy to match the look of the stars overhead, twinkling, netted string lights are always a good option. These lights are draped across the ceiling for a starry-night look and provide just a subtle glow to enhance the romantic atmosphere. 

2. Portable Chandeliers – Create a focal point at the location where you and your partner will say your nuptials with an elegant chandelier dangling just behind you. A lot of wedding designers use a chandelier instead of an arch as a focal point, but chandeliers can also be implemented at the reception. 

3. Dance Floor Lighting – Make sure the guests at your reception have a ballroom-worthy good time with dance floor lighting. You can rent everything from strobe lights to disco balls at an event rental company, so creating an ideal party dance floor at your wedding is an easy feat. 

4. Spotlights – Spotlights are always going to be put to use at a wedding that happens after dark because it helps to illuminate the stars of the show: the bride and groom. Spotlights can be used at the ceremony location to follow the bride as she makes her way down the aisle or at the reception to light up the new happy couple’s first dance as husband and wife. 

5. Flood Lights – If you would like to light up a large area outdoors after dark, flood lights are a lighting option to consider at the event rental store. You may want to use floodlights to light up parking areas at an outdoor venue or to create a bright area where the ceremony is to take place so guests know where to go to be seated. 

For event lighting rentals, contact a company such as Hollywood Lights